garments unit

Our factory RAKS Fashion was established in 2004 in a small scale at Narayanganj, the heart of the Garments Industries in Bangladesh.

It achieved quick success due to it’s entrepreneur’s long experience and now moving forward with famous clients, like – Giant (Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia), TESCO (Malaysia), John Little (Singapore), Dairy Firm (Hong Kong) etc.

RAKS’s product range covers basic & fancy polo shirt, sweat shirt, as well as Men’s, Kids’ and Ladies’ knitwear garments.

Following the dictate of the fashion trend, RAKS has improvised its technologies, broadened its raw-materials sources and trained its workforces.

The result is superior garments, which offer consumers variety in terms of materials, forms, style and ultimately, the superior experience.

RAKS is a member of BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association) and NCC (Narayangonj Chamber of Commerce).


    - T-Shirt (Basic/ Fancy)

    - Polo Shirt (Basic/ Fancy)

    - Knit Bottoms & Shorts

    - Ladies Wear

    - Children’s Item

    - Sports Wear (Dry Fit/Quick Dry)

    - Knit Jackets