Garments Unit


RAKS FASHION is committed to maintain a series of local and international Code of Conducts in its work places. We do respect cultural differences and employs individuals solely on the basis of their qualification for the job.

NO Child labor.

Time Card System.

Employee notice board to keep them aware of their rights and latest developments.

We treat every employee with respect. No employee is subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment and abuse. We have individual cell to take care of this.

We protect and promote the basic human rights of the work force. We do not support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion based on race, caste, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, pregnancy or marital status.

We have our own Training Center to provide necessary training to employees.

We ensure that wages are paid regularly on time. We also follow the legally approved grading wage structure for the employees.

We have separate & clean toilets for both males and females with liquid soap and hand dryers.

No excess overtime.

Minimum 1 (One) Hour break is given to every employee during daily work period. Minimum 1 day off in every week is mandatory for all employees.

Paid Maternity leave benefit as per Govt. law.

Childcare room.

Clean and congenial working environment with sufficient ventilation.

We are very aware and careful about General Health; we have sufficient drinking water supply, satisfactory number of First-Aid boxes in every section, sanitation facilities, Free Medical facilities including full time Doctor as well as Nurse and other facilities related to healthy health.

Safety measures are also taken in the company in compliance with the industrial requirement.As per the ISO requirements, instructions and warning signs are posted in highly visible places and inside the factory in local language (Bengali).

Canteen with proper seating arrangement.

Fire training provided and fire drill carried out in the premises and record maintained on a regular basis.

‘Eid’ (religious festival for the Muslims) Bonus given during the 2 (Two) Eids of every year.